WE - Women for Expo

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WE is a project of Expo Milano 2015 launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori.

WE talks about food, of course, and about nutrition. But it does so by focusing on one of the most precious sources that we have: women and their culture.


Each woman is the custodian of practices, rules, and ancient heritages that give them the ability to nourish others.  Today, in this ever-changing world, this memory – this profound knowledge – has become a tool for showing the world what caring really means.

It means taking care of oneself and others. It means caring about people and also about the environment and the future.

We'll discover what it means to respect diversity and common institutions, the body and the mind.

We'll learn why the culture of women can truly become a method for progress.

Thanks to WE, the women of the countries participating in Expo 2015 will be invited to cooperate in a group project and to create the WE-net network.

Artists, writers, celebrities and also ordinary women who live in another part of the world or right in your city will participate.

That's because we can all be a part of WE.


To follow the activities of WE-Women for Expo:




See the entire video for the launch of the "WE – Women for Expo" project that was held during the 2013 edition of the IPM in the Sala Berlino of the Lingotto Convention Center in Turin: