The Kingdom of Belgium signs the participation contract of Expo Milano 2015

An area of ​​2,717 square meters in which addressing the issue of sustainable consumption, giving space to the latest creations of chocolatiers and collaborating in thematic itinerary of the Cocoa Cluster. This is the double commitment the Kingdom of Belgium is planning for the 2015 World Expo. The project was explained by Commissioner General for the Belgian Pavilion Leo Delcroix, who this morning has signed the participation contract with the Commissioner of the Government of Italy for Expo Milano 2015 Giuseppe Sala. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Rome, His Excellency Mr Vincent Mertens de Wilmars, has attended the ceremony for the 46th document signed by the company organizing the Milan World Expo with the Official Participants.

In its pavilion, Belgium will develop the core theme of Expo Milano 2015, “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”, focusing on two fundamental human activities that characterize the transformation of nature - food production and food consumption. Therefore, “Our Food, Our World – Produce Responsibly, Consume Smartly” is the guiding theme which will be developed in the four structures composing the Belgian Pavilion: an area will be devoted to the Federal state, one to the Flemish Region, one the Walloon and one to Brussels.

Belgium intends to showcase the best practices and cutting-edge technologies that characterize the country’s pursuit of quality in the food production chain (from farm to fork) and to show the creativity of Belgian gastronomy. The latest outcomes in Belgian nutrition research, scientific and technological development for food safety and quality, innovation in food products and the importance of educating young people to adapt to more a healthy diet and to reduce food waste will also be illustrated.

Given the country’s extraordinary expertise in the chocolate industry, Belgium will also contribute to the Cocoa Cluster, demonstrating its long history and showcasing some masterpieces created by Belgian chocolatiers. However, more importantly, Belgian companies will show their commitment to ethical business practices and their fight against child labour in the production process of cocoa.

To give a second life to the pavilion, and facilitate its removal and reuse, recyclable materials will be employed in the construction. An efficient system, based on renewable and natural energy sources, will be designed to reduce energy consumption.

“I am very proud to sign the Belgium’s participation contract at Expo Milano 2015 – declared Leo Delcroix, General Commissioner of the Belgian Pavillion -. We greatly appreciate the theme, 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life', because it highlights issues that are of fundamental importance for each country, region and individual in the world. World Expos have always had a great impact on the life of citizens and on the development of the participating countries. In our pavilion the educational dimension will meet entertainment, to showcase the most innovative solutions to produce food in a sustainable manner and educate citizens to consume it in a smart way”.

“We are really satisfied by today’s signature. We have high expectations from Belgium – explained Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner of the Government of Italy for Expo Milano 2015 -: the issue of responsible production and consumption is one of the key elements of the debate the World Expo aims to promote among the Countries. The prominence that the pavilion will have within the site - near the West entrance – reflects the Belgian commitment to share their experience in scientific research on nutrition. We are positive this will stimulate the curiosity and interest of visitors”.