Expo 2015: current participating countries

“I am happy to accept your kind invitation and confirm that Germany will participate with its own pavilion in the Milan Expo,” signed, Angela Merkel. This is what the German chancellor wrote in communicating the participation of her country in Expo 2015, thus adding the twelfth “flag” to the already important list of nations who will be present at the event.

The words of the German Prime Minister signal the importance of the theme of Expo 2015, as do those of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in his letter: “The issue of food security is closely linked with economic growth and social progress, as well as with the stable growth of all the world’s countries. Today the processes of global politics and economics are increasingly challenging and interdependent. In these conditions it is important that we concentrate our shared efforts to resolve the global issues facing us today. I am confident that Russia’s participation in the Milan Universal Exposition will aid the cause of strengthening the future of multilateral cooperation between Italy and Russia with new projects in the most advanced fields.”

With the adhesion of Germany and Russia the number of participating countries in Expo Milan 2015 has risen to twelve. This is an important and encouraging result, especially considering that the letter of invitation from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was send out less than two months ago.

The first nation to accept the invitation was Switzerland. This was followed by letters of confirmation from Montenegro, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Romania, Egypt, Turkey, Togo, Peru and Guatemala. Letters from other BIE member countries are expected in the coming weeks. The objective for the year is to reach the milestone of fifty confirmations.

Starting Monday, a Google Maps area will be available on the website www.expo2015.org providing an animation of the growing number of participants.