Panama’s confirmation raises the number of official participants in Expo Milan 2015 to 88

New adhesions to Expo Milan 2015. After Guinea-Conakry and Brunei, the last country to have confirmed its presence at the Universal Exposition of Milan is the Republic of Panama. Its participation was communicated by the countrys government through a verbal note transmitted to the Italian embassy in Panama. Expo Milan 2015 thus reaches a quota of 88 official adhesions.

The growing pace with which countries are confirming their presence at the event gives testimony of the big interest aroused by the Expo Milan 2015 themeFeeding the planed, energy for life, and by the most advanced technological solutions that will be giving life to the exposition site.

The countries that have enlisted to date are, in addition to Italy and the UN: Switzerland, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, San Marino, Egypt, Peru, Russia, Uruguay, Togo, Germany, Guatemala, Cambodia, Honduras, Mauritania, Slovenia, Principality of Monaco, Uzbekistan, Spain, Albania, Israel, Kuwait, Columbia, Armenia, Syria, Iran, Gabon, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Mongolia, India, Georgia, Bolivia, Saint Lucia, Latvia, Tunisia, Argentina, Lithuania, Congo, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Mali, Algeria, Dominica, Belgium, Palau, Micronesia, Ecuador, China, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Moldova, Nepal, Qatar, Thailand, Lebanon, Slovakia, Tajikistan, France, Guinea Bissau, Oman, South Korea, Kirghizstan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, Uganda, Japan, Palestine, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Costa Rica, Guinea-Conakry, Brunei and Republic of Panama.