The number of adhesions to Expo Milan 2015 continues to rise. With Guinea-Conakry and Brunei the number of official participants rises to 87

The number of adhesions to Expo Milan 2015 continues to rise. With Guinea-Conakry and Brunei, the last two countries to have communicated their presence at the event in 2015, the number of official participants rises to 87.

The news of the sultanate of Bruneis adhesion was announced by the Commissioner-General of Expo Milan 2015 Roberto Formigoni, after his meeting with the commissioner of the pavilion of China. Mr. Formigoni related about the meeting:The intention is to ensure that a million Chinese visitors will come to Expo 2015.

In confirming its participation through a verbal note at the Italian embassy in Dakar, Guinea-Conakry designated its commissioner: Momo Salva Bangoura, head of External Relations at the National Head Office of Internal Commerce and Competition.

The interest shown by a growing number of countries for the Expo Milan 2015 project demonstrates how the themeFeeding the Planet, Energy for Life, and innovation combined with environmental sustainability are socially relevant matters throughout the world.

The countries that have enlisted to date are, in addition to Italy and the UN: Switzerland, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, San Marino, Egypt, Peru, Russia, Uruguay, Togo, Germany, Guatemala, Cambodia, Honduras, Mauritania, Slovenia, Principality of Monaco, Uzbekistan, Spain, Albania, Israel, Kuwait, Columbia, Armenia, Syria, Iran, Gabon, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Mongolia, India, Georgia, Bolivia, Saint Lucia, Latvia, Tunisia, Argentina, Lithuania, Congo, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Mali, Algeria, Dominica, Belgium, Palau, Micronesia, Ecuador, China, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Moldova, Nepal, Qatar, Thailand, Lebanon, Slovakia, Tajikistan, France, Guinea Bissau, Oman, South Korea, Kirghizstan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, Uganda, Japan, Palestine, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Costa Rica, Kenya, Cameroon, Guinea-Conakry and Brunei.