Why Milan

With Expo 2015, Milan is making itself available to promote the Country’s growth and be Italian ambassador in the world


Milan and its area represent the ideal candidate, in Italy and in the world, for Expo 2015 because together they:

  • are situated at the centre of a 10 million inhabitants area, such as London or Paris
  • produce 10% of the GDP, a level equal to Brussel’s or Madrid’s
  • have a per-capita revenue that is almost twice the domestic one and an unemployment level as low as half of Italy’s as a whole
  • register 40% of the new innovation patents, equal to Boston’s annual production
  • sell 10 million tickets yearly for art, music and cinema shows, based on the same population rate of Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona
  • house 650 fashion show-rooms, in competition with Paris and New York
  • are the Italian center for voluntary service and the tertiary industry

Milan, a metropolis and a world cross point

From a European standpoint, the entire Milanese metropolitan area can be compared to London’s or Paris’. The so-called City-Region of Milan has in fact about 9.3 million inhabitants. Such area is on the same levels as the US Combined Statistical Areas.


Located in the heart of Lombardy, the most populated and developed region, Milan is the most important city of Northern Italy. Milan’s centrality within the European context is demonstrated by its position at the center of the area bounded by the 5 Lisbon-Kiev corridor and by the Genoa-Rotterdam and Rome-Berlin north-south routes. Milan and Lombardy can thus count on a demographic basin and a totally central position: preferential elements for the assignment of the Expo by the BIE, which normally attaches great importance to the role played by the flow of local visitors for a successful Exposition.