E015 – Digital Ecosystem

E015 digital ecosystem is an open, competitive, non-discriminatory and concurrent cooperation digital environment, enabling the development of integrated software applications.
The E015 dedicated web site with all details, guidelines and information to join the project, can be found at the following link: http://www.e015.expo2015.org.


Expo 2015 will see the participation and involvement of millions of people who, as well as visiting the exhibition site, will utilise local services provided by companies, public bodies and other public and private entities. The Expo Milano 2015 is an opportunity for people working in the area to offer new services and enrich the existing offer, adopting Expo Milano 2015 as a driving force.
The idea behind the E015 Digital Ecosystem is to expand the visitors’ experience of the event and the exhibition site through the creation and integration of local services made ​​available to visitors before and during Expo Milano 2015. The aim of the E015 Digital Ecosystem project is also to become one of the legacies that Expo will leave to Milan and, more generally, to the Italian public and private system after the closure of the event.

E015 Digital Ecosystem is based on the cooperation of participants: ecosystem members agree to adopt a technological reference model for the sharing of their data/services and to enhance the range of applications to the end users. Expo Milano 2015 will provide technological solutions to support the project, integrating the ecosystem in the technological platform of services for the event (Expo Service Delivery Platform) and making it accessible to members.

Based on the need to create an open environment that supports and enables cooperation amongst the participants, to initiate the creation of a Smart City and enable an authentic Digital Society, the main objectives of E015 Digital Ecosystem are:

  • Define a technological vision of reference and an interoperable platform that enables and facilitates the connection between the participants, so as to place the Expo 2015 in the network but also to increase the application supply.
  • Facilitate and promote, respecting the autonomy and the responsibilities of each party, interoperability and integration of services and applications developed.
  • Make the fruition of the event easier to enhance the visitors' enjoyment of the “off-site” services and increase their overall level of satisfaction.
  • Extend the services of the Digital Smart City Expo to companies and institutions in the area by making the technological architecture and developments specific to Expo 2015 (Service Delivery Platform) available.
  • To propose an operational approach aimed at co-operation of those involved whilst respecting the diversity of business models and marketing strategies.

Genesis of the Project
E015 Digital Ecosystem foresees its genesis through the involvement of different protagonists and stakeholders to ensure the intersection between the supply and demand of services and to boost the opportunities for economic and social growth represented by the Expo Milano 2015 event.
The project has been promoted by Confindustria and was launched in July 2010 with the signing of a Protocol of Understanding (Progetto Strategico ICT per Expo Milano 2015/ Strategic ICT Project for Expo 2015) by Confindustria, Assolombarda Confcommercio, Confcommercio (Association of Commerce, Milan), the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Expo 2015 SpA (main promoters).

How to join E015
Detailed information to better understand the initiative and to join the project can be found in the dedicated web site: http://www.e015.expo2015.org